Candy Dream

In Candy Dream you will live out a life of scrumptious fantasy as an eccentric candy maker. Set on a planet where everything is edible, players harvest larger than life candy crops, build workshops that create marvelous recipes and master the candy economy.

With new recipes and candy crops appearing frequently, players will always have something new to discover in a world full of tasty surprises.

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Squishy’s Revenge

Squishy was living a happy life until the Evil City invaded his land and started building towers all over the place. To make matters worse, it was right on top of the best patch of Squishberries! Guide Squishy in this puzzle adventure game to the buildings and exact revenge the only way Squishy knows how: by being devastatingly cute. Travel over three worlds and 20 levels where each move leads Squishy a little closer to victory.

Try Squishy’s Revenge on the Nook Color today (Note: Monster Slider name will change)!

- User review: Cute adorable game!. -B.J.

- User review: …Designed very well -Schwa


Play the classic game on your Nook Color! Guess the word before the hangman sends the stick figure to blank sheet of paper in the sky. With three difficulties and thousands of words, you’ll be racking your brain for vocabulary to save lives, all while enjoying the intuitive gameplay with charming sketch style graphics.

See what other Nook Color owners have been talking about and join the growing number of players that love Hangman and made the it one of the Top Ten in the Nook App Store.

- User review: Awesome game! -Surpatwa

- User review: Love it. Exactly like hangman should be. -Anonymous


Keep up with the falling blox and match colors to clear lines. Matching colors will unlock more blox and more shapes that will keep you on your toes. How long can you make the blox drop before the game board gets filled to the top?

Experience classic puzzle gameplay with a twist. With over 50 levels of complexity this puzzle game will be sure to give you a fun and exciting challenge every time. No two games are ever the same! Play BloxDrop in the car, at home or on the go.

- User review: Great game. I love it. Graphics are great also. It’s an excellent buy. -Marie38

- User review: Really good game. -Anonymous


The timeless game comes to your Nook Color! Choose your moves carefully and capture all the opposing side’s pieces to win the game. With different levels of difficulty and a 2-Player mode, Checkers is destined to provide endless hours of entertainment.

Checkers is listed as one of the best selling apps in the Nook Color app store. Be sure to experience one of the most classic, timeless games of all time with Checkers, a game that is fun for people of all ages.

- User review: Exactly what you want from a checkers game, great to play with 2 players! -Anonymous

- User review: Awesome game! -Anonymous

Deck of Words

Deck Of Words is a game you won’t want to put down with over 20 levels of complexity, over 10,000 challenging words, and a Free Play mode, which will let you play for hours.

Deck Of Words takes the simple gameplay of Solitaire, and the fun of a word game, to bring you a completely new and exciting experience to word games presented with beautiful graphics. Make words out the cards you’re given and use every card on the table to advance to the next level or keep the highscores flowing with Free Play mode.

- User review: Love the game, everything works, and the design is beautiful. – Aspired2Write

- User review: A must for the nook. – Anonymous

Row of Four

Line up four game pieces in a row by dropping them on the game board before your opponent has the chance in this classic game. The fun atmosphere and bright colors makes Row of Four a game fit for all ages.

Experience the centuries old game that offers endless gameplay that is easy to learn and difficult to master. Outwit the computer with four difficulty settings or compete against friends. Try one of the Nook Color games that everyone is talking about and falling in love with.

- User review: You can do two player! Thats why I absolutely LOVE it!!! -klake16

- User review: Appealing graphics, different difficulties modes. Good for children and adults. Love it! -sb7693

Word Twist

How many words can you make from six scrambled letters? Put your vocabulary to the ultimate test to try and find every last hidden word. Word Twist is one of the top apps on the Nook Color because of the addicting gameplay and endless hours of gameplay.

In Classic mode, players are given unlimited time to twist, untwist and discover words using six random letters. Timed mode will put the pressure on as each word discovered will put a few seconds back on the clock. How many rounds there are depends on how fast words are unscrambled.

- User review: Great for word lovers. -JFavor

- User review: Calling all word lovers, get this. It’s a must have. -avidreader12TJ


Race against time to create words from jumbled letters in Werdle for the Nook Color. Tap up, down, left, right and diagonal to make sense of the Werdle word grid. With two modes and five difficulty settings for each, players will have to think quickly before time runs out.

In Classic mode, players will have to spell as many words as possible using the letter grid before the clock ticks down to zero. Blitz mode retains the same gameplay, but offers players a chance to continually play for those with quick minds and even faster fingers.

- User review: Im addicted to word games so this is great for me and my 11 year old daughter to play together -mikbritt09

- User review: Easy to learn, quick to play. Good brain excercise and fun for fans of words games. This is one of my favorite apps… – Anonymous

Battling Ships

The classic game jumps from the paper in a visually stunning naval battle that will require strategy and concentration to sink your opponents fleet.

There are three levels of difficulty and three different game modes to play. In Classic Mode, all the original rules apply. Seek and destroy a friend or the computer before they locate your hidden ships. Fog of War is a mode where a mysterious fog will wash away all previous missed shots. Survival mode will make sure you use your shots wisely as each sunk ship limits your ability to return fire.

- User review: I like the graphics and sound effects, the touch screen is spot on and there are several different playing modes. – cartooncool

- User review: Great game! – foxlady1

Blastout HD

Play a classic arcade experience with high-tech visuals with Blastout HD on the Nook Color. Blast the blocks with your futuristic paddle and ball and conquer all the levels and modes.

Keep the ball alive over the course of over 30 levels in the classic mode that is just like the arcade classic. In addition to a classic mode, Blastout HD features two additional modes that put a creative twist on the formula that will give the game endless replayability.

Blitz mode continually sends blocks towards the paddle and it is up to you to break the bricks before they take over the screen. In Colorbast mode, your ball changes color and you’ll have to aim to break blocks of the same color.

- User review: Love the game and the sounds get really cool as it becomes more intense! – Anonymous


Using a bit of guesswork and a lot of power of deduction, clear the dangerous minefields and save the day. The intense strategy game is now available for download through the Nook Color App Store.

There are three difficulty levels based on game board size and stat tracking so players can remember their best scores at sweeping the minefield clean. There is even a help screen for teach players how to play Minesweeper but found it too intimidating to play in the past.

- User review: This app is great! It is so awesome!!! -Anonymous

- User review: I Love it! -KittyRanch

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