Today is a pretty sweet day. Not only are we readying another Candy Dream update and getting ready to send more Golden Tickets out into the wild, July 20, 2011 is National Lollipop Day. All of us at Toy Studio salute the lollipop and wish it the happiest of days.

[Note: This is the second part of an article that Toy Studio programmer Kee-Won Hong wrote about his experience developing Battling Ships for the Nook Color. Be sure to read the first part of his development story of Battling Ships where he outlines what went right with the development. This part, he outlined some of the things that will be done next time to keep improving on the development process.]

[Note: Kee-Won is the newest Toy Soldier to join our ranks. His first project at Toy Studio (also his first mobile game) was creating the game Battling Ships on the Nook Color. Since it released just a week ago, it has climbed to the top of the top of the Nook Color App Store where it has gotten near universal praise with “fun” being used over and over by the many people who have played the game.

He took some time to reflect on his experience and analyze his process developing the game Battling Ships. Today, he outlines what went right with the process and, in part 2, he talks about the things he’ll do differently on the next mobile title he develops.]

Hello, my name is Kee-Won Hong and I’m a new mobile developer at Toy Studio Games. I’ve just launched my first game with Toy Studio, Battling Ships, on the Barnes and Noble marketplace for the Nook Color. Battling Ships is a tablet optimized, strategic turn based game.


It is time for yet another Golden Ticket Friday! This won’t be like any other Golden Ticket Fridays because to get some Golden Tickets, you’ll need a keen pair of eyes to find the hidden words in an image of Candy Dream.

The classic game of Battling Ships is armed and ready for deployment for the battalion of Nook Color owners wanting a strategic challenge for the introductory price of 99 cents. With three levels of difficulty, three unique game modes and a two player the fun battles will never end.