As we continue to develop games for the Nook Color, we’ve been hard at work bringing new experiences and new ways to play games. The following images will show you a teaser of what is to come from one of the teams at Toy Studio. What makes this game really cool is that we originally tested the concept by creating a very simple prototype with some odds and ends we had around the office.

You may remember not too long ago, Barnes & Noble listed Hangman as one of the many great options available on the Nook Color App Store. We just finished up Checkers at the time and had plans for many more games (the games you see on the Nook Color App Store right now).


If you’re passionate about your work, want to innovate, and work in an exciting and unique environment look no further.

We are looking for a mobile app programmer, to join our studio – no, the Toy Studio family. Your focus will be on mobile development but could shift in the future. The team members we are in search of have a drive and passion for what they do, and always look for new ways to improve our games. At the studio, you work with energetic thought-provoking, and amazing team members while making the games of your life!

Golden Ticket Friday is back! With the next wave of Golden Tickets out in the wild, many new players have been carefully building their candy factories. However, if you or some of your friends forgot to enter their email at, this will be a way to play with the new wave of Candy Dreamers.

We’ve got a video of the first 16 minutes of the IDGA Chicago Meetup that was held at Columbia College. One of our own, Christian Arca, was on the panel talking about the Chicago Game Dev scene and what the future might hold. He was joined by other panelists from Tap Me! Games, Wideload Games and Jellyvision.