Pax Dev

by Ryan

The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is days away from descending upon Seattle for the one of the biggest celebrations of gaming known to mankind. From board games to video games, PAX will have representation from all walks of the gaming life style. I’ve never been personally, but I hear it is a sight to behold.

Graphics are one of the most talked about features of any game. People are highly visual and it makes sense that a game has to look good.

One of the interesting things about game development is there are about a thousand other parts to a video game that also contribute to the overall look and feel of the game, even though they aren’t as apparent as the graphics. Sound is one of those factors.

Squishy’s Revenge is actually available on the Nook Color device. Right now, it goes by the first name we gave it, Monster Slider. We will update the app with the Squishy name and a few features like star ratings for levels, but it is more or less the complete game. Now that the game has seen some time on the Nook Color app store, we’ve been able to get some feedback.

The weekend is nearly here and that means that the Nook Color App Store has updated again for the week. New from our studio is the new game Blox Drop. It’s our spin on the falling block puzzle based games. In Blox Drop, you have to unlock grey blocks while matching colors to clear space on the game board.

For no good reason, the power went out in the studio earlier this week. It affected most of the block we are located at so everything was eerily quiet. It was down for nearly two hours, leaving most of our computers without power and those of us on laptops sweating as we watched the battery icons drain. The problem was we were in the middle of getting the story together for Squishy’s Revenge. We quickly got to doing what work we could offline.