Race against time to create words from jumbled letters in Werdle for the Nook Color. Tap up, down, left, right and diagonal to make sense of the Werdle word grid. With two modes and five difficulty settings for each, players will have to think quickly before time runs out.

Now you can get a look at our other two Nook Color games with these videos from actual gameplay. First up is Checkers followed by Minesweeper. Be on the lookout for more videos as we release more games in the Nook Color App Store.

If you haven’t experienced one of the best apps on the Nook Color app store, now is your chance to get a look at the game in action. If you play our Facebook Candy Dream, you might recognize the music playing in the background.

Playing a video game is fun, absolutely no doubt about it. However, as cool as it would be, games don’t materialize out of the ether and wind up on a gaming platform. Games are the result of the hardwork from people who live, eat and breathe games. If you have ever wondered how these games get made, here is a quick fly-by of the main points of a game’s development cycle.

Hot off the release of Hangman and Checkers comes Minesweeper for the Nook Color.

Using a bit of guesswork and a lot of power of deduction, clear the dangerous minefields and save the day. With the 99 cent Nook Color Minesweeper app from Toy Studio, the intense strategy game is now available for download through the Nook Color App Store.