Toy Studio has been growing (and still growing!) lately as we continue to work on Candy Dream and develop mobile apps for the Nook Color. In addition, we are hard at work on Lucky Derby, which is the first of a new breed of game being pioneered by Betable called Social Gambling Games or “SGG”. Betable is a platform that gives us the ability to legally reward Lucky Derby players with the ultimate prize – real money.

Lucky Derby is styled after classic carnival arcades and will make you want to wear your finest horse derby suit or elegant hat for the spectacular races. Analyze each horse’s stats and place a bet and watch the excitement unfold as the horses gallop forward. These thoroughbreds were born to run and won’t stop until flowers are draped around their mane at the finish line.

The thrill of the race is compounded because, just like real horse racing, players can play the odds and win cold, hard cash. Unlike other games, Lucky Derby doesn’t use virtual currency or any other type of stand-in for actual money; this is the real deal. Lucky Derby will be available for release on iOS devices, so bets can be placed and races can be watched anywhere there is a signal.

The game is still in the early stages of development, so there is a lot more information coming down the stretch as we settle on some features. In the meantime, sit back with a refreshing Mint Julep and enjoy the teaser screenshot.