You may remember not too long ago, Barnes & Noble listed Hangman as one of the many great options available on the Nook Color App Store. We just finished up Checkers at the time and had plans for many more games (the games you see on the Nook Color App Store right now).

Since Hangman, we have released other games that have been just as well received. Werdle, Battling Ships and Row of Four, Checkers, Word Twist and others have been well received by Nook Color gamers. Still, even with the other great games we have launched, Hangman still holds a special place in our hearts since it was our first released mobile game.

This morning, IntoMobile posted a list of the seven games considered the best on the Nook Color. Everyone at Toy Studio HQ was thrilled to see Hangman on that list. Here is what they had to say about it:

“When you think about it, Hangman is one of those titles you’ll prefer to play with the rest of your family. And in that sense – we love it!”

Our goal was to create a game that everyone on the Nook Color would love with Hangman. Also, with our background in social games, we wanted it to be inherently social. When we have seen people play the game, it is hard for them not to ask, “What is a five letter word that relates to Oceans?” We are proud of Hangman and all our Nook Color games so be sure to check out the entire list IntoMobile posted and then check out Hangman on the Nook Color App Store.