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  • Deck of Words Now Available for the Nook Color

    Deck of Words, the ultimate mash-up of Solitaire and a classic word game is now ready deal all kinds of fun on the Nook Color.


    August 4, 2011

  • Toy Studio is Hiring Mobile a App Programmer


    If you’re passionate about your work, want to innovate, and work in an exciting and unique environment look no further.

    We are looking for a mobile app programmer, to join our studio – no, the Toy Studio family. Your focus will be on mobile development but could shift in the future. The team members we are in search of have a drive and passion for what they do, and always look for new ways to improve our games. At the studio, you work with energetic thought-provoking, and amazing team members while making the games of your life!


    August 1, 2011

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  • keylimepie_small_feature

    New Post with Word Press Update!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOO Look at how cool everything is with the new wordpress!

  • featured_small_paxprime

    PAX Prime Wrap-up: Part 2

    Before wrapping up my PAX coverage in this post as I recover from my 6 AM flight plus 8 hours of cross-country travel, I wanted to mention just how unique the atmosphere of PAX is. It’s got the multi-million dollar booths like E3 but also has rooms where you can sit down and play zombie Catan for a couple hours, workshops for painting your own tabletop figure and vendor stalls where you can buy custom molded iron d-sixes. Where else can you sit in your hotel lobby with total strangers and discuss Borderlands, Bioshock and re-casting the original ‘Star Wars’ with modern actors?

  • featured_small_paxprime

    PAX Prime Part 1: A Celebration of Gaming

    This is my first PAX Prime, and it is really an experience. The closest I’ve been is attending E3 when it was an industry only event; PAX feels just as big, but the whole theme of PAX feels more communal and friendly. I don’t think the event would work without the support of the community. It’s awesome to experience the culture that has been created around gaming, in any format; console, PC, mobile, tabletop or board. People will go amazing lengths to support the games they love, from waiting in line for 2 hours for a demo, wearing extravagant costumes, and even spending their honeymoon at PAX!